Dax Shepard Is A Master At Jimmy Kimmel's Silly 'Name That Thing' Game

He owns Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Sometimes we see a random item and recognize it, but just can't seem to remember the name for it. The words "thingamajig" or "doohickey" may come to mind. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel turned this universal experience into a game show called "Name That Thing." His contestants were Dax Shepard and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

You might expect Macklemore and Ryan to have an unfair advantage, since they're two people and Dax is just one. But as it turns out, Dax is a bit of a "Name That Thing" master. The goal of the game is to write down the correct name for each presented item. A correct answer earns 50 points, while a correct-ish answer earns 10 points. Dax stacks up several 50-point answers, from "grappling hook" to "lute," while his competitors scratch their heads.

The final item, a speculum, stumps both teams, although they both seem to understand the tool's general purpose. Macklemore's answer of "vagina opener" still manages to earn 50 points, even if it's not the technical term.

The game ends with a cheese-naming challenge. Macklemore and Ryan put up a good fight, but there's no beating Dax. He is truly the "Name That Thing" champion.


Watch the whole game below:

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