Is Salvia Divinorum the next big thing in natural medicine

It seems that Salvia Divinorum is getting quite popular among different categories of people.

It seems that Salvia Divinorum is getting quite popular among different categories of people. The reason why this plant that originates from Mexico has grabbed the attention of the public is its ability to fight a wide range of diseases. This plant that belongs to the mint family was tested by several reputable teams of scientists and they have found evidence that Salvia Divinorum can provide help to patients dealing with cancer and cardiovascular disease. There are some indications that Salvia can be helpful in cases of Alzheimer's disease and AIDS. The good news is that even though this is a psychotropic plant, scientific studies have shown that there is no risk of becoming addicted to it. In addition, it doesn't contain any toxic elements.


Salvia has been used for many centuries now and naturopaths have used it for different purposes. For instance, Chinese alternative medicine practitioners are using Salvia to keep the heart safe from diseases and to ease the symptoms of heart disease. They also use it to stimulate blood flow, especially in the myocardium area. This is actually how Salvia keeps the cardiovascular system safe from disorders and diseases. Our skin can also benefit from the use of Salvia because it has the ability to combat boils and acne. In cases like this, Salvia eliminates toxin buildups found in the skin and eases inflammation. There are some Chinese experts who use this plant to solve problems related to menstruation like irregular and/or painful menstruation.

There are many ways in which people can use Salvia. For instance, you can buy Salvia online in the form of extract or tincture. The extract is made from the juices of this plant found in the leaves. In the past, people have used these leaf juices to prepare tea. They consumed the tea to feel the health benefits of Salvia. It is not unusual to see people smoking dried leaves of Salvia Divinorum with a pipe or special water pipe. There are also people who are chewing this plant, but this practice comes with some downsides. Namely, when the leaves of this plant reach the digestive system all their effects will be lost. That's why Salvia users are advised to chew the leaves for a long period of time and to chew larger amounts of leaves. All these things make the process a little bit complicated and long-lasting. According to most users and experts, using specially designed supplements in the form of bags and capsules prepared by commercial herbalists is the best idea. This is a convenient, affordable and efficient way to witness all the benefits that this exotic plant brings.

Those planning to use Salvia should be aware that the use of this plant can lead to certain psychedelic effects. These effects are not experienced by all users. Intense and uncontrollable laughter, vivid recall of memories and few other effects were reported by different users. However, there are studies that have shown that Salvia Divinorum is effective in the treatment of specific behavioral problems like drug addiction and alcohol abuse, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

There are few ongoing scientific studies focused on Salvia that should provide more details about the effects of this plant, but the evidence that we have so far suggests that it might be the next big thing in natural medicine.

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