'Hamilton's' Daveed Diggs Raps For Jimmy Fallon To Prove Why He's The Fastest Rapper On Broadway

Holy smokes.

We're sure you've listened to some incredibly intricate and quick-moving rap lyrics before, but have you ever heard Daveed Diggs' rap game?

Diggs, one of the stars of Broadway's Hamilton, a show which recently scored a record 16 Tony nominations, just appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to show the audience why he's the fast rapper on Broadway. 

And in seconds, he accomplished just that. 

"You [can] say 19 words in three seconds ... are you used to rapping that fast?" Fallon asks Diggs. 

"That's fast. It's not not fast," Diggs begins humbly. "[But] in the rap world, that's medium-fast." 

Of course, Fallon asks Diggs if he could rap faster, to which he agrees. 

What ensues is an unbelievably fast performance that's sure to blow anyone away. And if you aren't already itching to see Hamilton, you will be now. 


You won't want to miss the video below:


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