Daughter Keeps Scaring Her Mother Over And Over Again Only To Capture These Hilarious Reactions

Kids ...


Being a parent is a tough thing. 

Even when you think your kids are all grown and should know better, they can still be a tad of a pain. And we have a hilarious video that proves just that.

In the video above, a youngster from Cork, Ireland, captures her mother's reactions on film every single time she sneaks up on her and unexpectedly scares her. Surpising the exact same prank works over and over again. Ha.

"Lauraaaa," the mom laughs to the camera, clearly still recovering. "Will you ever call it?"

 Maybe a little bit harsh? Yes. Still super hilarious? Absolutely. 

Be it getting out of the shower or  just doing dishes, this mother can't trust her own daughter in her own house. Oh kids ...

Take a look for yourself.

(H/T: Jukin Media)


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