Nervous And Excited Dad Agrees To Let His Daughter Design His Tattoo

“This tattoo is going to be forever. You know that right?”

Getting a new tattoo is pretty exciting, but also a bit nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to deciding on a design. After all, that design will be permanently marked on your skin (well, unless you get it removed, but you get the point). Knowing how much of a big deal it is to figure out what to get inked, you can only imagine what was going on through one dad's head when he agreed to have his child design his tattoo

In a new Cut video, a man named Antoine allows his daughter Arriell to be the designer of his next tattoo. "I am terrified," the dad admitted in the video. But, his little girl assured him that the design would be awesome and something he'll appreciate forever: a drawing of his kids and their nicknames. 

Even though he was nervous while she was drawing, Antoine ended up loving the final product. Surprisingly, it was Arriell who was very nervous when it came time to actually ink the design on her dad's forearm. She even asked her dad to squeeze her hand for support. 

"It's my daddy getting a tattoo right in front of my face! It's weird," the little artist said. 

In the end, the tattoo came out really awesome. But beyond the new body art, the coolest takeaway from the video is the beautiful chemistry between a parent and child. Antoine not only trusts his daughter's vision but also encourages her to be creative. It goes to show you can empower your child in fun and innovative ways. 


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