9 Qualities These People Are Looking For In Their Ideal Partner

"She has to be blond."

If you could dream up your perfect date, what would he or she look like? Green eyes? 6-foot-1? Toned calves? What would he or she be like? Confident? Brave? Soft-spoken?  

Animation students Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou wanted to find out what people in their 20s are looking for in a mate. So they conducted interviews asking about ideal characteristics, deal breakers and failed past relationships. Then, turned the interviews into a short animation that's both funny, sweet and kind of sad at times. 

Check out some of the things people are looking for in their ideal partners and the whole animation below:


1. “My ideal partner would be a woman that’s really spiritual.”

2. “First off and firstly, she has to be blond. It’s just a thing I have. I’m sorry, she has to be blonde. If you’re not blond, then f**k off.”

3. “Medium figure. Not too skinny. Not too fat.”

4. “Tall maybe. I don’t really care. Tall, short.”

5. “Large breasts. Got to have large breasts.”

6. “Wouldn’t be too bad if they were good looking.”

7. “Five o'clock you have to be in your pajamas. Then you have to get pizza, video games, maybe a movie if you’re feeling ambitious.”

8. “I want a good mother for my children. That’s about it.”

9. “Someone you can depend on."

Check out the whole video here:

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