Darth Vader's Voice Before The Voiceover Makes The Movies Seem Almost Comical

In reality, he wasn't quite the villain you imagined.

In anticipation of the release of Star Wars: Episode VII, coming to theaters December 18, fans are freshening up on the franchise, re-watching their favorite moments over and over again. 

But what would Star Wars be without one of the most infamous villains in cinematic history — Darth Vader? 

Two things help make this character so iconic: his black uniform and menacing voice. And while the uniform was worn by actor David Prowse on set, that famous voice was actually added in later as voiceover by James Earl Jones. 

Though Lucas never intended to use Prowse's voice, Prowse still recited all the lines on set to give the other actors a reference point. 

The 2004 documentary Empire of Dreams traces the making of the original Star Wars trilogy, and includes footage of Prowse's original voice during the filming. Seeing these scenes with Vader's "real" voice makes it seem like Star Wars is actually the famous parody Spaceballs

Take a look. 



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