14-Year-Old Boy Performs Sia's 'Chandelier' Live, And It's Unbelievable

This will give you, what's the word? Oh, chills.

Earlier this year, 14-year-old Darren Espanto walked into the studio of Wish 107.5, a custom-built mobile radio bus roaming the streets of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines.

When the young Filipino-Canadian singer opened his mouth to give a live performance of Sia's "Chandelier," everyone was expecting something good. That's because Espanto had been singing since he was a small boy, and gaining recognition for his incredible talent over the past few years. His fans even call themselves Darranatics. 

But even though expectations were high, Espanto completely exceeded them with his incredible rendition of the song. He hit every note and made it seem totally effortless — a true mark of a talented performer. 

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