In The Battle Between Dark Chocolate And Milk Chocolate, Science Is The Star

But you decide the winner.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? That is the question. Specifically, it's the question of this fun new video from Reactions, a science series from PBS Digitial Studios and the American Chemical Society.

We all have our preferences, but could chemistry actually hold the key to which amount of cacao is better? It's possible. At the very least, you'll be able to impress your Valentine with a few facts to go with dessert.

The topic of chocolate is already enough to make a science lesson more appetizing, but the punchy style of the video certainly doesn't hurt. Delicious images, helpful onscreen notations, and a lively narration bring the battle to life and teach us a thing or two about our favorite sweet treat — not to mention the animated chocolate bars duking it out in a boxing ring.

The video compares the chocolates' flavors, textures, health benefits, and even their power as an aphrodisiac, using chemicals such as phenethylamine, flavonols, and casein to demonstrate. In the end, however, science leaves things in a draw, and it's up to personal taste to decide which chocolate comes out on top. The video asks viewers to share their choices in the comments, with the winner to be announced on Valentine's Day.

Whether white chocolate actually counts as chocolate is an argument we'll save for another day.

Watch dark chocolate and milk chocolate face off in the video below:

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