An Act Of Kindness For A Crying Stranger Leads To A New Social Media Challenge

"You never know the impact you could have."

Random acts of kindness can change a person's hour, day, year, and sometimes even their life. No matter how small, such acts add just a little more positivity to the world, and that's what really counts. 

One Seattle man named Danny Wakefield claimed he was able to make such positive change with a simple sunflower. In a post submitted August 19 to Love What Matters' Facebook page, Wakefield said after he bought a sunflower to leave on the windshield of a crush the day after a first date, he started to reconsider. He detailed how his change of heart led to a rather surprising story.

After deciding against leaving the sunflower for his crush, Wakefield wrote, "I grabbed the flower on my way out this morning with the intention to give it to someone on my way to work so it didn't die alone. What happened next has left me changed in ways I don't even have words for yet."

While drinking coffee at a local café, Wakefield writes that he noticed a woman sitting alone, reading with tears running down her face. It was then, he says, that he sensed something strange. 

"It was like there was a magnet in the sunflower that was being drawn to her, because I knew in that moment she was who I was going to give the sunflower to; she was who I had to give it to. When I got to her table I said, 'hey, pardon me. I have this sunflower that I was hoping to give to someone special and that someone I had in mind didn't work out, but I can feel that you're special too, so I want you to have it.' "

According to Wakefield, the woman burst into tears and told him her story.

"She was crying because her fiancé had died the week before, just months before they were going to get married. On their first date he brought her a sunflower and from then on, got her sunflowers, never roses, because she was the light of his life.  Today, through me, he was able to show her that she'll always be the light of his life and how we as humans have a message to carry that goes far beyond words."

Wakefield's post in its entirety appears below.

Wakefield ends his post by saying "I challenge you all to find a way to make someone else's life just a little bit brighter today and be of service. You never know the impact you could have."

Now others have joined Wakefield in what's being called the #SunflowerChallenge.

Meanwhile, Wakefield's mom is hoping to find the grieving woman to tell her about the impact she's had.

Sunflowers or not, every day brings with it the chance to do something to help someone in need.

(H/T: Love What Matters)


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