Teen Uses Surreal Photography To Express His Emotions On Instagram


Rather than put his feelings into words, teen artist Daniel Serva turns his emotions into beautiful, surreal images anyone can appreciate.

"One night, Daniel Serva began to heal his heart inside a self-portrait," according to Instagram's own account, which posted one if Serva's images for its 141 million followers. The account explains that Serva uses photography as a "catharsis" for his emotions, 

Moreover, "One of the reasons why I play so much with surrealism is because I want to show people another version of what's possible," he explains in the post

In one of his images, entitled "Refusing Reality," (number 182 of his "365 Project") exhibits Serva's emotional response to the end of "Carnaval" in Venezuela and getting back to reality.

In another image, entitled "The Cleaner," Serva evokes the feeling of wiping life's slate clean and starting fresh. 

And with each and every image, there's something spectacularly exquisite to enjoy. 

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"Hiding From Darkness"

"The Light Seeker"

"The Lake of Thoughts"

"Out of My Head"

"The Gardener"

"Inside Chaos"


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