This Little Girl Who's Blind Got To Visualize Her First Broadway Show Thanks To Staff's Acts Of Kindness

"Wow! Ariel has beautiful red hair!"

"Imagine going to your favorite Broadway show. You sit down. You hear the orchestra warm up. The overture starts. The curtain opens. But nobody ever turns on the lights," one mother writes in a Facebook post.  

Dani Gray Baisden's daughter, Cora, 6, is blind. She was born with congenital glaucoma, a pediatric condition usually diagnosed within one's first year of life. But "that doesn't stop her from being just like every other 6-year-old," Dani writes, adding that her daughter loves mermaids, and "is currently trying to decide if she wants to be Ariel or Moana when she grows up."

When Dani and Cora decided to attend Cora's first Broadway musical, The Little Mermaid at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, Dani was surprised to find out that her friend set up a meeting with a sound technician. The technician, Bernie, gave Cora a headset so that another staff member, Aletta Roebuck, could describe the show's visuals as Cora listened along.  

"As soon as the curtain rose, Cora leaned over to me and whispered, 'Mommy, I hear Ms. Aletta!' Then as I watch a gorgeous mermaid float across the stage, I heard her say, "Wow! Ariel has beautiful red hair!" Dani writes. "I teared up because I knew that my little mermaid felt totally included in this world of magic and theatre!"


"As a mom, it was magical to hear my daughter laugh at the visual and physical humor that was happening on the stage. She laughed right along with everyone else because she understood what was going on! She had an absolutely magical day!"

"Thank you all for making sure that Cora felt like every other little girl in that auditorium!' Dani adds.

Though Cora saw the play back in July, her story is going viral today after being shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

"What a beautiful story of kindness and just going above and beyond for this lil [sic] beautiful mermaid to enjoy the show," one person commented on Facebook. "With so much negativity in this world today, it's heartwarming to see a story of complete love, compassion [and] overall kindness. Well done [and] blessings to all who made it happen. Continued happiness and good health to Cora! May she and her family enjoy many fun times!"

You can check out Dani's full post, including photos from the show, below:


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