'Dancing With Her' Is A Wedding Magazine Celebrating Women In Love With Women

"An online space where women can be inspired with real stories of love and weddings."

From magazines, to Pinterest boards, to Instagram, and more, there are numerous sources to find wedding inspiration, but the options significantly drop for LGBTQ+- people who are looking. And while there are some inclusive wedding ranges that cater to couples of different orientations and genders, there is still a large void.


Tara Baker and Arlia Hassel felt that they were still being underrepresented, so they decided to create "Dancing With Her," a wedding magazine for lesbian women.

The Australian couple explain on the Dancing With Her website, "For the most part, we are a couple who knew that a wedding resource we could be inspired by didn't exist. Dancing With Her is a wedding magazine that celebrates women in love." After celebrating their engagement last year, they focused on developing a place where women's love could be honored.

Volume One of the magazine includes personal stories, DIY tips, love poems, and decor inspiration. Plus, it provides information of the legal side of weddings. The magazine focuses on Australia and the U.S., but also ships to the rest of the world.

In addition to the magazine, Dancing With Her offers an online space where women can be inspired by real stories of love and weddings. There's also a journal to help couples during their wedding journey and a directory of wedding vendors across Australia and the U.S.

The Independent reported that Dancing With Her states that even though Australia does not yet have marriage equality, they know that, "women who are in same-sex relationships are choosing to celebrate their love and make a lasting commitment to one another, and that deserves celebrating."

As the Dancing With Her website explains, "Founder Tara and Arlia are passionate about diversity within wedding media, and as two women in love, want to see that represented in wedding material ..." 

"... ['Dancing With Her' is] more than just an online space and magazine. They are passionate about connecting wedding vendors and educating them on how to be inclusive within the wedding industry."

Baker elaborated to HuffPost, "Couples of all sexualities are rightly choosing to celebrate their love in the way of a wedding, and that deserves to be celebrated and represented."


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