Two Dancing Siblings Show Off Their Moves Before Ellen Surprises Them With A Big Gift

"This is a big opportunity."

Siblings AJ, 9, and Alyda, 13, both have a knack for dance — so much so that Ellen DeGeneres invited them to perform on her show.

"I always wanted to be on [The Ellen Show] for my whole life," AJ tells Ellen with a huge smile on his face. "And this is a big opportunity."

AJ also adds that his biggest inspiration is his parents. Multiple times a week, they will drive him and his sister back and forth to Los Angeles so that they can continue to dance.

Following their talk with Ellen, the brother-sister pair hits the dance floor to perform a dance set to Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J's "Bang Bang." 

Afterward, Ellen surprises their entire family with an incredible gift that's sure to make their travels to L.A. a little bit easier. 

Check out the full video below for more:

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