When His Son Was Being Bullied At School, He Turned To Facebook In Search Of Compassion. He Found It.

“Please educate your children. Please... share this."

Dan Bezzant's 7-year old son, Jackson, has Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS) — a rare condition that impacts the development of bones and tissues in a person's face. Because of his condition Jackson is teased on a daily basis, but after one encounter with a group of particularly cruel boys in the school lunchroom, Bezzant felt compelled to speak up for his child.

What resulted was an impassioned Facebook post from the heartbroken dad, who encouraged other students and parents alike to show some compassion towards his son. "Take a minute to educate your children about special needs. Talk to them about compassion and love for our fellow man," Bezzant wrote, encouraging others to educate themselves on TCS.


"Please educate your children. Please...share this," the Idaho father concluded. "This shouldn't be happening...to anyone."

Much to Bezzant's surprise, his raw post about Jackson's daily struggles has struck a chord with thousands. The September 14 Facebook post has over 65,000 likes, nearly 64,000 shares, and upwards of 38,000 comments, the majority of which are overwhelmingly positive.

As one woman with TCS wrote, "He will be ok and he will do better in life then those who taunt him." She also mentioned she's now happily married with two children of her own.

"If ever in Buffalo, Jackson is welcome to come and play with my 7 yr old anytime," wrote one father.

As it turns out, Jackson now has multiple offers for new pals, and Bezzant has made contact with the parents of two other children in his area with TCS. 

"Several parents have contacted me and said their children want to be friends with Jackson," Bezzant tells East Idaho News. "Some older boys want to pal around with him and make sure he's protected. It's pretty surreal."

 "I didn't think a simple Facebook post would get this big. I just hope this helps," Bezzant added to the publication. "Jackson may not look like your 'normal' kid, but he is such a good boy and he's got a huge heart. That's what matters."

According to The Mayo Clinic, there are fewer than 20,000 US cases of TCS diagnosed per year, making it a very rare condition. Many of those who have been diagnosed with it are, like Bezzant, doing their part to raise awareness and educate others.

Take, for example, 2-year-old TCS patient Louis Herriott-Heath who raises awareness about the condition through modeling, and Jono Lancaster, who has TCS and co-founded the Love Me, Love My Face Foundation to spread awareness and teach acceptance to others. 

"I've got so many goals and so many dreams for the foundation going forward," he told A Plus in July.


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