They Held Up 'Racist' Signs. This News Anchor Is Calling Them On It.

Somebody give this guy a raise.

Dale Hansen has done it again.

The wise news anchor at Dallas' local WFAA-TV station made waves when he came to the defense of Michael Sam last year, right around this time. 

Now, Hansen is using an incident of racism from Flower Mound, Texas to teach us about a frightening pattern of ignorance and hate speech. 

Two teenagers, who were spotted holding up "White Power" signs at a basketball game against a rival high school, are the focal point of the controversy.

According to Hansen, this is nothing new out of Flower Mound, a place where he says students once chanted, "welfare babies, do you know who your daddy is? Because we know ours!"

Hansen added his own personal anecdote, alluding to his father, who "used the N-word like it was a proper noun."

"I think I was 12 when I realized the N-word wasn't actually the first name of Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Elston Howard and so many more," Hansen remembered.

But racial slurs aren't all Hansen is worried about. It's a larger issue, too: one of cyclical ignorance that damages both the victims of racism and the racists themselves.

"Their ignorance perpetuates the stereotype of all of us in Texas as a racist, ignorant people," Hansen said, before quoting Albert Einstein. "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them, without doing anything."

Watch his amazing speech below:


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