'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah' Is Beginning. How Will It Be Different?

Big shoes to fill.

The Daily Show was a force of politics, comedy and news over its 16-year run with Jon Stewart at the helm. His sharp wit, smarts and talent for completely eviscerating political buffoonery delighted millions of viewers, and in many ways his style changed the way people consume and regard political news. So it was of course a sad day when Stewart hosted his final Daily Show, leaving us with a powerful warning on the dangers of bullsh*t.

Stewart's replacement, Trevor Noah, is set to debut his version of The Daily Show just seven weeks after his predecessor signed off for the last time and many are wondering just what form the show will take. Noah came under fire shortly after being announced as the next host for old, seemingly tasteless tweets that were dug up from years past. They varied from racist to sexist to anti-semitic, largely threading a common thread throughout: the lack of any good humor.

Stewart and others quickly jumped to Noah's defense, deeming it unfair to judge him based on a few tweets from his past. Noah himself tweeted in response to the backlash, "To reduce my views to a handful of jokes that didn't land is not a true reflection of my character, nor my evolution as a comedian."

The guy's clearly up against heavy odds, but seems to be taking it all in stride — his first teaser for the show was quite self-deprecating and it's clear he's acknowledging the simple truth that it's impossible to fill Stewart's shoes.

With that in mind, how will his show be different?


For starters, he's not American.

There will be a heavy focus on online content.

Which is why comedian Baratunde Thurston has been hired to lead production of original online content, a first for the show.

It'll be a much more inclusive experience.

Noah won't go after Fox News as much as Stewart did.

According to him, the show will target places such as BuzzFeed in keeping with the shift to more online content.

And at 31, he's more likely to speak to an even younger audience.

You know, millennials!

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah debuts Mon., Sept. 28, at 11 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.

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Cover image: Comedy Central via YouTube


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