Single Dad Helps To Defy Parenting Stereotypes By Teaching Fathers To Style Their Daughters' Hair

See how "fatherhood's evolving" in 60 seconds.

A Plus' Project Dad content is inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul's Project Dad, a television series about the joy of fatherhood and family.

Single fathers don't get the praise they often deserve, especially when it comes to fixing their daughter's hair. 

For those dads who have the skill of creating stylish hairdos for their little girls down to a science, more power to you. However, there's a population of fathers who fear the brush and don't even know where to begin when attempting to tame their daughters' manes. 

A new 60 Second Docs clip focuses on one father who decided to pay it forward after he mastered the skill of dolling up his daughter's tresses. 

Daddy Daughter Hair Factory was started by Phil Morgese, a single dad, and his daughter, Emma, in 2015. The free class is offered to fathers trying to grasp the knowledge needed to make sure their daughters don't leave the house looking like a hot mess. 

"Here we are, 34 classes later, 300-plus dads have come through," Morgese says in the video.

But he urges beginners not to be too hard on themselves. 

He adds, "I try to encourage them and say, 'You know, even a messy braid is time spent together.'"

We're sure their daughters are just as happy about this course as their fathers are! 


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