11 People Share The 'Daddest' Things Their Dads Have Done

We're cracking up and they're not even our dads.

Sometimes, our dads do the funniest things — and they don't even know it. And it's those hilarious, vulnerable, loving moments are the ones we love to hold dear. 

Recently, Reddit user u/JustHereToTease asked the Reddit community, "What is the daddest thing your dad has done or said?" The question resulted in hundreds of comments from people sharing those moments, all of which speak to their dad's personalities and their relationships. 

One person, for example, shares what happened when their dad tried offering them a hotdog:

"My dad called me to ask if I wanted to eat a hot dog. I said no. Later he comes home, and I see my room door open slightly," the Reddit user writes. "Only his hand slips into my room with a hotdog container. He leaves it on my desk that's right by the door, hand slips out, and the door closes. It was so quiet. So quick."

Another person recalls their grandpa's jokes: 

"My grandpa once asked me, 'What are you up to?' I said something like, 'Not much, what are you up to?' He said, 'Oh, about 5 foot 9 inches."

These responses are a gentle reminder that we should appreciate our dads just the way they are. 


1. The dad with the hotdog.

2. The dad with his own look.

3. The dad with the jokes.

4. The grandpa with the jokes.

5. The dad that won't quit.

6. The dad with the pizza.

7. The dad with the phone.

8. The dad with the tunes.

9. The dad with the long hair.

10. The dad with the poker face.

11. The dad with chill.

Cover photo by Austin Walker on Unsplash

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