Watch This Dad Use A Live Squirrel To Pull Out His Daughter's Baby Tooth

His plan is literally nuts.

Over the years, parents have come up with some crazy ways to help their kids pull out a loose baby tooth. But this dad's plan was nuts — literally.

In "an absolute internet first," David Freiheit pulled out his daughter Mila's loose tooth using dental floss, a piece of granola bar, and, oh yeah, a live squirrel.

Even after Frei had secured the dental floss around Mila's tooth, she was still skeptical. "This is not gonna work," she said.  

"Oh, this is gonna work all right," Frei responded — what every girl wants to hear her father say before being put at the mercy of a wild animal. 

It took a few tries, and more than a few squirrels, before one grabbed the granola. But once it did, the plan was off and running... as was the squirrel. 

After rescuing his daughter's tooth from a tree, Frei gave it to Mila to hold. Her response was priceless: "Can I get another five dollars from the tooth fairy?" 

Though Frei might not win "Most Responsible Dad of The Year," he's definitely a frontrunner for "Nuttiest." 

Watch the full video of their father-daughter shenanigans below:


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