This Dad Used Philly Cheesesteaks To Measure His Baby's Growth Every Month

"Hopefully I haven’t scarred the kid for life ... "

Brad Williams, a computer programmer in Philadelphia, isn't a regular dad. He's a cool, "Cheesesteak for Scale"-measuring dad. Though that may sound like an unusual title, he earned it back in 2015 when he brought home one of Philly's famous sandwiches, and noticed it was nearly the same size as his then 2-week son, Lucas. So, like any cool dad would do, he decided to share a picture of the two side-by-side online. 


"What started out as a joke turned into a monthly tradition of cheesesteak measuring as Lucas was growing," Williams wrote on his blog this week. "After his first year I decided to stop taking the monthly picture, mainly because Lucas was quickly growing a dislike for cheesesteaks ... Hopefully I haven't scarred the kid for life." (Probably not for life, but maybe for his preschool years.) 

Since Williams debuted the pictures in his original blog post, they've since gone viral in multiple publications and social media platforms. To that end, a subsequent tweet from Williams explained part of his high-tech measurement method revolved around getting all the cheesesteaks from his favorite local spot, Dalessandro's. 

While only these cheesesteaks could measure up to the task at hand, Williams did note some general similarities between cheesesteaks and babies to "Wrapped up they are warm and cuddly, but once you unwrap them, expect a huge mess," Williams told the publication. "Either way, both are worth it!"

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