After Boys Made Fun Of His Daughter's Alopecia, This Dad Shaved His Head To Teach A Lesson In Self-Love

"Hair doesn't need to be what defines you."

Zach and Ashley Hayes are normal parents on an extraordinary mission: to raise awareness for their daughter Malia's Alopecia, a common autoimmune skin disease that causes hair loss on the scalp and face, through fun, family videos


Usually, their vlogs take place at Disney World, where Malia often feels most accepted and at home. But their most recent one was a little different. 

While the family was at the park in early May, a few boys made some comments about Malia being bald in front of her. To show Malia that "hair doesn't need to be what defines you," her dad, Zach, let her shave his head so they could celebrate being bald together. 

The lesson didn't just teach Malia, but thousands of others, an important lesson in self-love.

Since the Hayes posted their video to YouTube on May 2, it has already received nearly 6,500 views. The family also tweeted out the video to an overwhelmingly positive response. 


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