Dad Perfectly Shuts Down A Hater Who Gets Opinionated About His Son's Halloween Costume

Outfit's on point.

Meet Liam, a 9-year-old from Florida who's posing for a photo below with his sister and dad Will Hutt.


And this is the entire family — Liam, his two dads and two sisters. What a happy bunch!

Now, Liam is a super creative kid. Every single year he picks his own Halloween costume and goes above and beyond to make sure it's absolutely on point, Gaily Grin reports. This year was no exception.

When he told his dad he wanted to be Cruella de Vil this year, the villain from Disney's 101 Dalmatians, Hutt was obviously keen to help out.

"[Liam] takes part in designing and drawing them out,” Hutt told The Gaily Grind. “We encourage him to do what he wants. He’s a kid and Halloween is a great creative outlet.“

Check out the final result.

Pretty brilliant, right?

Sadly, not everyone on the Internet was as supportive. When Hutt shared a photo of his son dressed as Cruella de Vil on social media, one Facebook user absolutely didn't have the nicest response. 

"I must say completely inappropriate, and I can't believe a parent would ever do that to their child! Sorry if I offend you or your friends, but I think it's wrong!!!!" a woman commented on a photo of Liam, Refinery29 reports.

It didn't take long for Liam's dad to come back with the perfect response:

"We deal with this type of small minded person on a daily basis. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will always support and encourage my kids creativity happily and without apology."

Nailed it.

Outfit's on point.

"The most acceptable costumes for boys seem to usually have something to do with blood, gore, and killers," Hutt explained to the The Gaily Grind. "They find that more acceptable? I say live and let live. He's nine. More kids should be allowed to explore their interests without fear."

(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


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