Video Shows Dad Rushing Onto Racetrack To Rescue Son From Burning Car

It happened over Father's Day weekend.

No matter how old one's child might be, most parents instinctively protect their kids, jumping into action whenever the need arises. For one father, however, saving his son's life meant risking his own after the young man's racer crashed and caught fire.

During a race between Mike Jones and Matt Bowling this past Father's Day weekend in South Boston, Va., both drivers spun out around the turn when their wheels touched. While Bowling's car was relatively fine, Jones's hit the infield wall, causing fuel to leak. Sparks from the collision subsequently ignited the spilt gasoline, causing the vehicle to burst into flames, according to WDBJ News. 

Dean Jones, Mike's father and pit crew chief, immediately rushed to pull his son from the car. Once Mike was safe, Dean ran back to trigger the vehicle's fire suppression system. Firefighters were then eventually able to defeat the blaze. 


"Mike's car stopped almost in front of our pit stall and when I saw the flames, without any hesitation, I jumped the wall to help pull him out of the car," Jones told "No one except sweet baby Jesus would have kept me from freeing my son from a burning race car."

"The car is a total loss, but my son is whole and safe. It breaks my heart for Mike's sake because racing is his passion and he is so talented," Jones added. "He has never taken or asked for one penny for racing, but he does it because he loves it so dearly. Thank you to everyone involved and your prayers, but continue to pray for Mike because his body took a tremendous impact tonight."

Despite his life-saving "dad reflexes," however, NASCAR revoked his license and has put him on probation because he was wearing shorts, which goes against the organization's rules. Regardless, Dean Jones can rest easy because he did exactly what needed to be done to rescue his son, and the two plan to head right back onto the racetrack as soon as they can rebuild.

Watch Jones' epic rescue in the dash-cam footage below.

Cover image via NCS Production / Shutterstock

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