This Dad Just Nailed Every Single One Of His Old-School Dance Moves And Didn't Even Care

He got the moves like Jagger.

When you think of your parents, that's exactly what you do — think of them as your parents.

You think how your mom used to tuck you in before bed and wish a good night's sleep, how your dad taught you how to ride a bike. All of those things. But do you even consider the fact they were young and foolish before you crawled out of your mom's privates?

That they drank beer, toilet papered people's houses, wore crazy clothes and generally didn't care about what society thought of them. 

If not, you NEED to watch this video of a dad dancing at The Vamps concert. Because this is what his youth was like and he's not willing to forget it. And neither should you.


He starts off with the classic clap and slide, clap and slide, but quickly moves towards a more complex routine.

Whapow! Like a teetotum.

But the madness doesn't really begin until this talented man busts everyone's all time favorite — The Robot.

Think this is it? You couldn't be more wrong, because this dad has a lot more sick throwback dance moves up his sleeve ...

Look at those oblivious teens jumping in the back while our star does a flawless Moonwalk. Don't you feel kind of bad for them?

After the video was shared on Reddit, fellow users showered this dancing dad in compliments. Some of them were just as swell as the performance itself.

"If that is a dad dance, I aspire to dad dance," says Iama_tomhanks.
"That crowd is oblivious to this glorious display," says dynofree23.
"I'm so jealous of this guy, he looks like he's having a fucking blast," says BoringPersonAMA.

Now put on your dancing shoes and watch the full video below.

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