Hilarious Dad Announces Baby's Sex Like A College Football Commitment

The "choice" has been made!

JR and Janna Nobles could have announced the sex of their second child in usual ways, like balloons in boxes or with the inside of cakes. But they took a page from these creative parents instead and revealed the news in a way that would make any college football fan proud. 

Commitment day style. 

For those who don't follow sports, Commitment Day is when college football players-to-be pick the school they want to play for by picking the hat of their choice on live television. It's a huge deal. 

The Nobles — who live in the state of Alabama and are University of Alabama fans — decided to do the same, college-football style announcement this February, with the choices of Boy Tech (the blue hat) and Girl State (the pink hat). 


"Both genders have really a lot to offer. It's really a difficult decision for us ... With Girl State, its just new and exciting ... Most importantly, I get to watch princess movies without feeling bad about it."

"There's really not a wrong decision to make here, with that being said ..."

It's a girl! (Everyone screams)

A friend of the family wrote in a Facebook post that the couple didn't actually "choose" the sex of their baby. They were just going along with the theme of Commitment Day. The ultrasound tech, instead, had put the sonogram under the hat of the sex of the baby, surprising both parents in the moment along with everyone watching. 

In this case, it was Girl State.

As seen in this follow-up photo posted this July, the Nobles made a great "pick."

Here's to a lifetime of princess movies. Or, 'Bama games. You never know!


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