These Kids' Firsthand Accounts Show How Devastating Dad Jokes Can Be

Dad jokes are no joke.

Dad jokes occupy a sacred space in familial relationships. A really good (bad?) dad joke can render anyone speechless, but there's a dark downside to dad jokes that not everyone truly understands.

A video from Nickelodeon shows the devastating effects of dad jokes, told by the kids themselves. 

Like Isaac, whose dad made a joke about difficult bowel movement.

It may sound harmless, but it had a huge effect on Isaac.

Or this young girl, Abbey, whose dad tried to joke about biology.

But it ruined her forever.

See what we mean? Watch the full video here:

Dad Joke Survivors

Beware of dad jokes this Father's Day…

Posted by Nickelodeon on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dad jokes are no joke. Joke responsibly.


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