Dad With Amazing Voices Sings Famous Songs To Hungry Baby, But Changes The Lyrics To Be About Food

And he has an amazing voice.

In an adorable video posted to Reddit, captioned "My friend likes to sing remixed versions of songs when he feeds his son," we get to see a creative dad having a great time with his kid. 

In the video, dad sings Lionel Richie's "Hello," but changes it to "Jello," with lyrics like "Jello? Is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile. It's all you've ever wanted, and your arms are open wide. And I wonder where you are, and I wonder what you do. Are you somewhere eating jello? I love you." 

The baby seems to like the food version of the song more than the original, though we doubt the little tyke has spent any time actually listening to Lionel Richie. 

Check out "Jello" below:

And here's dad singing R. Kelly's "Bump N' Grind," changing the words to "Yogurt for Lunchtime."

So adorable, and dad has a pretty amazing voice too. 

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