Dad Defends Son After School Punishes Him For Wearing A Stained Sweater

"Isn't this just a little bit petty? Life’s hard enough."

From unfair dress codes, to sexist assignments, to banning certain books, American schools have all kinds of rules worth challenging. While some parents are in full agreement with their child's school handbook, others would prefer that administrators focus on what really matters. 

Recently, comedian Seann Walsh took to Twitter to share an old letter he said his father wrote to a teacher after he got in trouble at school for wearing a sweater that did not comply with the dress code

"Sean tells me that you have confiscated his sweater," Walsh's father wrote. "He tells me that in class he conforms to the school uniform. He was absent from school Monday because he had a cold, so traveling on Wednesday without his sweater was not too clever." 


"He told me that the jacket he wears normally is acceptable, but it was stained, therefore he could not wear it," he continued. "His mother was in Cyprus last week on a break and I, unfortunately, was not able to use the washing machine. Sean was too embarrassed at having a father who cannot use a washing machine to say this." 

But his closing is what really solidified the letter as a great defense: "Isn't this just a little bit petty? Life's hard enough."

Walsh's tweet resonated with tens of thousands of people who liked, retweeted, and responded to the message. Many shared their experiences with arbitrary school rules, strict dress codes, and unfair punishments in response.

While most school rules are perfectly well intentioned, some may need to be re-examined to ensure that they're really aimed at helping kids succeed in school

(H/T: Yahoo)


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