This Adorable Instagram Account Is Dedicated To A Girl And Her Dog, But It's So Much More Than That

Their story is as powerful as it is delightful.

Nothing makes the Internet happier than when cute little kids and adorable animals come together. Add some incredible fashion on top of it and the result is the most insanely amazing Instagram account cutieandthebeast.

The main subjects on the account are 3-year-old Siena and her Doberman named Buddha. Siena's mother Tara reports that the duo are inseparable and told, "She doesn't have a single toy or play set she adores. For her, that's Buddha."

The Instagram account shows the duo doing everything together, from naps, to dress up, to story time. 


Check out Siena and Buddha's amazing adventures as they grow up together:

While the account is a totally adorable chronicle of a girl and her dog, there's also an important point being made very quietly with each picture.

Dobermans are widely stereotyped as dangerous dogs, and the breed has been subjected to bans and other restrictions in several countries around the world. However, many owners of these dog insist that certain breeds are not inherently dangerous, and Siena and Buddha's precious relationship is making a quiet (and potentially inadvertent) testimony that not all Dobermans should be feared.

[All images via: Cutieandthebeast]

[Via: DesignTaxi]


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