17 Cute Notes From Kids Who Have No Clue How Adorable They Are

We, too, want it to rain tacos.

Kids say the darndest things and, lucky for us adults, sometimes they write those things down for us to giggle about. 

These 17 notes show off just how clueless kids are about their own adorableness. But we're not complaining.

Check out the adorable notes below, then thank a teacher for helping our kids convey the silly thoughts in their heads into keepsakes for years to come. 


1. The note from the kid that thinks his/her parents were born yesterday.

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2. The one written by the child who really, no seriously, has a mustache.

Today my kid is 17, so obviously I had to embarrass him on Imgur. This is a note he wrote to me when he was 12.

3. Is that a compliment or ...?

I teach Kindergarten...this is my new favorite note from a student.

4. Then there's the note that gets straight to the point.

5. At least they're honest!

6. Kids especially love writing notes with very important messages in them.

My son made a note

7. Sometimes they're so important, kids even write them on behalf of the teacher!

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8. The note that is upfront about a situation.

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9. The one that conveys they really are making an effort.

10. It's the thought that counts?

Note From Daughter

11. See, thank-you notes aren't dead.

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12. Of course, the note that asks the important questions.

13. And say things too real to handle.

14. The note that has a not-so-secret secret.

15. Spelling is often not their strongest suit, but they own it.

16. But the best notes are the ones that restore your faith in humanity.

17. And warm your heart all fuzzy.

Kids are the best. 


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