This Customer Service PSA Reminds Us To Respect One Another

"I'd like to speak to the manager immediately."

Listen folks, working a customer service job is hard. You deal with pretty much every kind of person on a daily basis, and even if you are selling ice cream cones in the happiest of atmospheres, you are bound to bear the brunt of some angry customer's frustration every now and then. 

While a customer's complaints may be warranted, all too often said customer forgets the person behind the counter is, well, a person — deserving of respect, too. 

In an attempt to call out the entitlement of some customers and the horrible way they treat the people serving them, artist Joren Cull wrote, animated, illustrated, directed, and voiced a short video called "Customer Service Worker - PSA."  

According to Cull's description on YouTube, the video is based on real-life customer service conversations.  

Way too many people will relate to this experience:

The video ends with a PSA: "Every ten seconds, somewhere in North America, a baby boomer is yelling at customer service workers. Don't be a bad boomer." 

The video is hilarious mostly because of how real the situation is: things like this really do happen every day. Hopefully, the video will help customer service workers see the absurdity of it all from an outsider's perspective so they can laugh at it next time it happens, instead of letting it ruin their day. 

And for the customers, hopefully this video will remind them to treat everyone with respect, and that if they do see an issue with the service, to use a respectful tone of voice and treat the people serving them like human beings. 

After all, we're all just tryna live! 

To see more of Cull's work, check out his Instagram and Facebook. 

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