When This Server's Hearing Aid Broke, A Customer's Unexpected Kindness Came To The Rescue

"I was in shock. I’m still in shock... It's not something that happens every day."

At a restaurant, customers expect kindness from their server, but on April 10, one customer turned the tables on Keri Marie Carlson a waitress at GW Carson's Restaurant in Branford, Connecticut with a priceless act of kindness. 

As reported by local news channel WTNH, while Carlson was walking a customer to his table, he noticed she had difficulty hearing him. Carlson explained that was because she normally wears two hearing aids, but one of them was broken. Without a second thought, the customer offered Carlson $500 to get her hearing aid fixed. "I was in shock. I'm still in shock," she told WTNH. "It's not something that happens everyday." 

In a video interview, Carlson explained that the customer came to the back of the restaurant and simply handed her the money. "I didn't say I needed the money or anything," she said. "...I tried to give him the money back, but he was like, 'No, you deserve this.'" Overcome with gratitude, Carlson "cried for a minute in his arms," as well as in the arms of his wife. 

While the customer asked to remain anonymous, he did give Carlson his card. When her story received local news attention, she made sure to give him the public recognition he never asked for but certainly deserved. "Thank you, thank you very much," she said. "I want to thank you from the bottom of my humble heart for giving me such a gift." 

And that gift has kept on giving. Inspired by the unexpected gesture, the owner of GW Carson's, Jim Kirtopoulos, decided to surprise Carlson with one of his own. He plans to donate a portion of the restaurant's T-shirt sales to the American Society for Deaf Children.

(H/T: News 8 WTNH


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