At Students' Request, Custodian Sings The National Anthem At High School Graduation

He had never sung it in public before.

It's the end of the school year and many are literally dancing and singing with joy. One custodian named Thurman Carthen, 65, who loves to sing, was given an unexpected opportunity to do so for thousands of people when students at Galena High School in Reno, Nev. asked him to perform at their graduation.

The retiring janitor sings in church every Sunday and would occasionally sing "Happy Birthday" to school staff. He thought that the students didn't take much notice of his singing, but it's clear they did because the school's principal,Tom Brown, informed Carthen that students had requested he sing at their graduation.


When graduation day came, Carthen belted out the national anthem for the packed crowd.

It marked the first time that the 65-year-old had ever sung the national anthem in public, but no one would have known it because he delivered his performance with so much conviction and emotion.

Carthen's performance left audience members visibly moved and they burst into a roaring applause when he finished.

"He was breathtaking," said Irene Payne, communication director for Washoe County School District.

Carthen said that it was "a great way to end [his] career" as he will be retiring at the end of this school year.

He has definitely ended his tenure on a high note (pun intended) with his singing wowing the students and staff at Galena High School first and now the Internet. 

(H/T: Popsugar)

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