17 Cubist Tattoos That Turn Skin Into A Masterpiece

#13 blew our minds.

Tattoos are more popular than ever, which means they're more creative than ever. Still, it's not every day that we find an artist who takes tattoos from from body adornment to art quite like artist Peter Aurisch does. His collection of Picasso-inspired cubist tattoos make gorgeous use of color and are some of the more unique ones we've seen. Check out some of his creations below.


1. Faces and colors.

2. Bouquet.

3. For the scholars.

4. Such a cool teal.

5. Cityscape.

6. Sound waves or bacon?

7. We loves the flowers.

8. Cubist village.

9. Like a game of "I Spy."

10. We want to visit that house.

11. Cool cat.

12. Under construction.

13. Three musicians.

14. Eyes on eyes.

15. Serpent.

16. Amazing colors.

17. Stair maze.


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