Rejoice, For The Crying Jordan Meme Has Come Full Circle With A '30 For 30' Trailer

The joke reaches its apex.

The crying Michael Jordan meme has become perhaps the internet's most celebrated joke, appearing in droves on Twitter immediately whenever a notable loss happens in the sporting world or beyond. On extremely special occasions, the meme deliciously involves a contemporary Michael Jordan (the photo of origin is taken from his Hall of Fame enshrinement in 2009). When Villanova beat Jordan's alma mater the University of North Carolina to win the NCAA national championship earlier this week, that exact situation happened and quite possibly elevated the meme to something above just a trendy internet joke.

A fake 30 for 30 trailer teasing the history of the crying Jordan meme is perhaps the best example of what this means. For you see, Michael "the best basketball player of all time" Jordan was in attendance at aforementioned game, and because it was the championship, the whole nation was watching, phones whipped out, and ready to detonate Twitter if anything negative happened to UNC. And if you weren't aware, the team ended up losing the game on one of the most devastating and dramatic buzzer beaters of all time, soon after tying the game with their own miraculous shot.


That's how you go from standard uses of the meme like this:

To transcendent meta uses like this:

And now finally, this:

Say what you will about the meme's blatant overuse, but without it, we wouldn't have come full circle in such a satisfying way. Keep your eye out for the Kickstarter — someone's absolutely going to fund this.

(H/T: Mashable)

Cover image: YoungQwan via Twitter


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