This Cross-Eyed Makeup Artist Is Sending A Powerful Message About Acceptance And Self-Love

"I have a heart and I bleed and cry just like you. Don't treat me any less."

Philadelphia-based, self-taught makeup artist Talya Reynolds is certainly talented at creating stunning beauty looks, but it's her outlook on acceptance and loving yourself that has us most interested in following her. The 19-year-old, who goes by Mrs. Betty Wap on social media, has a common vision condition called strabismus. The main symptom of strabismus, or crossed eyes, is that a person's eyes are misaligned. They don't look in exactly the same direction at the same time. In Reynolds' case, her left eyeball is aligned inward rather than centered. 

With her glamorous makeup looks and messages of self-love, Reynolds helps to empower to others to expand their ideas of beauty. In a recent Instagram post, she dubbed herself her #WCW, a popular hashtag that stands for "Woman Crush Wednesday" used for posts about women people admire or find attractive. She shared a few photos of herself in pretty makeup looks and reminded people of the importance of finding confidence in your own skin, as well as accepting others who may not fit into traditional beauty ideals. 


"On this Wednesday I want to post myself, because I'm my own crush," she wrote. "I'm cross eyed and I love it." 

But, just like everyone else, Reynolds wakes up some mornings and feels less than happy about what she sees in the mirror.  "I have my days where it gets me down and I see a bunch of beautiful women who have perfect eyes, and sometimes I question, 'God, why me?' I ask him maybe one day I'll wake up and be normal," she wrote. "But he told me daughter, I made you this way because I believe you are stronger and you have much more to offer, more than a pretty face. That whoever loves you will love you for you, and from that day on I stopped questioning him."

Despite how confident she feels, Reynolds is still subjected to hurtful comments from others who have a close-minded view of beauty

"I get bullied and teased," she wrote. "I have a heart and I bleed and cry just like you. Don't treat me any less." She hopes others understand that there's more that makes us alike than what sets us apart. 

"It's not easy being me," she wrote. "Love yourself and show love to others. You never know what someone is going through. I've gotten threats [and] jumped just by looking the way that I do. I wish the world was a better place, but it starts with us." 

Reynolds' positive attitude is inspiring for anyone who's still on their journey toward self-love. Through her passion for makeup and beauty, she found a valuable way to express herself and be a role model for others. Hopefully, many of those who hear her story and see her confidence will feel encouraged to celebrate the things that make them unique instead of solely thinking of them as "flaws." 

(H/T: Refinery29


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