This Girl's Lost Phone In Las Vegas Somehow Wound Up In The Hands Of Ronaldo

What are the odds of this?

When you lose your phone, it's a mini "my life is over" crisis.


Bed sheets must be torn apart. All pockets must be searched.

The agony.

Once that fails, normally thoughts such as "How will I replace all of my contacts? What pictures did I have on there? Was I still logged into Instagram?" begin to race through your mind.

So unless your beloved smart device doesn't wind up in a Chinese province which results in you becoming a national hero, lost phones hardly ever get returned to their rightful owner. 

They are simply lost in phone purgatory, never to be seen again. 

That is, unless something miraculous happens. Something as miraculous as a world famous soccer star finding your lost phone.

Yup. That's exactly what happened to Austin Woolstenhulme and her friends.

Taking a page out of "The Hangover," Austin lost her phone in Las Vegas. Before Bradley Cooper and co. came across it though, Cristiano Ronaldo found it instead.

According to ESPN and Austin's own Twitter account, Ronaldo found the phone and invited them out to dinner to return it. That is some serious luck!

Check out the pics after the jump!

Her friend Kenzie also confirmed one of the most ridiculous reversals of luck we have ever seen.

They apparently also got to hang out with Zedd in Vegas, so overall, they probably had a more exciting weekend than all of us, who now need to go lose our phones so something amazing happens in return. #iPhoneKarma.

Not even Siri could have predicted this weekend.

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