Soccer Player Pulls Off A No-Look Pass While Waving At The Cheering Crowd. Of Course It's Ronaldo.

So. Much. Game.

When you're Cristiano Ronaldo, life's a beach. Well, if not a beach, then at least a luxurious swimming pool.


But it's also a nonstop battle to be the best. A road paved with countless trainings, wins and losses that lead to the sporting Olympus.

But what happens when you reach it?

Well, you need to make sure you stay there. And what better way to do it than casually wooing everyone with your talent or some heartwarming act of kindness, right? 

Cristiano Ronaldo knows it better than anyone.

A video from Real Madrid's training session in Shanghai, which was recently posted on Instagram, shows a bunch of teammates playing keepy-ups when one of them makes a twisted pass towards Ronaldo. Without even thinking, Ronnie pulls off the perfect no-look pass and sends the ball to his buddy, Raphael Varane.

But you know what's even harder to believe? He does so while simultaneously waving at the screaming crowd.

What a badass.

via YouTube


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