17 Genius Wedding Invitations That Are Beyond Any That You've Seen Before

The coolest ways to RSVP.

Invitations have been a longstanding tradition for weddings. But some people like to be creative with their wedding invitations and add a bit of personal touch to them. The results of this creativity are wedding invitations that are super funny and unbelievably genius.

Here are 17 of these creative invitations for weddings that you will want to attend no matter what:


1. Gotta catch 'em all.

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2. So many choices.

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3. This is so badass.

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4. If you look real close in the upper-left corner, you will see a raptor. Seriously.

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5. The creativity continues.

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6. Willy Wonka will be officiating at this wedding.

This is how one coupe sent their wedding invitations to their guests.

7. A video game invitation.

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8. You know there will be plenty of wine at this wedding.

Cork Wedding Invitations

9. Best questionnaire ever.

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10. Goal!

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11. No need to encourage what already exists at every wedding.

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12. The perfect invitation pun.

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13. There's some symbolism here.

Inventive wedding invitation

14. The wedding every nerd dreams of.

Wedding invitation made by Marvel Comics artist Paolo Rivera.

15. Taking "till death do us part" literally.

Wedding Invitation OC - (not mine)

16. Finish him!

Wedding Invitation

17. A wheel that love was made for.

unique and creative wedding invitation design


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