8 Presents For The Dad Who Says He Doesn't 'Need' Anything

There are no ties or #1 dad mugs on this list.

Shopping for parents around the holidays can be difficult if they aren't clear about they want — which, let's face it, most parents aren't. And if you have a dad who constantly says he doesn't need anything, it can especially hard to find the perfect gift for him.  

But if we've learned anything, it's that dads probably don't need any more ties, or #1 dad mugs. It's better to think outside the box, and get him something personalized and from the heart.  

The first step to figuring out what to get your dad for the holiday season is simple — just think about what he likes. Does he have a favorite show? Is he a music nerd? Is he obsessed with books? Whatever he is into, you can find a long list of related gifts he'll love. 

To help you brainstorm, we created a list of gift ideas that will leave your dad so impressed, he'll be excited for Father's Day. 


1. Something trendy to add some style to his wardrobe.

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

Instead of upgrading his wardrobe with a tie, elevate his style with a fresh pair of kicks. Sneakers aren't just for yard work. Give your dad something he can wear in his leisure time. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of white sneakers. You can give him the gift of nostalgia by getting a new pair of old-school sneaks, like Converse; or you can bring him up to date with some Yeezys — or whatever cool shoe made from a fashion-forward celeb. 

2. Fancy bottle of bourbon for his bar cabinet.

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash

Show your dad you're a real grown-up by getting him a fancy bottle of brown liquor. Check out recommendations from the experts, if you're not a whiskey connoisseur. Your dad will enjoy high-quality sips throughout 2018 and will be super impressed by your taste level. 

3. Tickets for two to prompt some bonding time.

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

The moments a dad spends with his children are forever etched into his heart. It can be tough getting together throughout the year, especially if you live far apart. Create new memories by hitting up a concert or a game with your dad. Surprise him with season tickets for his favorite sports team or tickets to see his favorite artist on tour (extra points if the concert is out of town — make it a road trip!)

4. A gag gift that only he'd understand.

Photo by Terry Jaskiw on Unsplash

If your dad has a good sense of humor, surprise him with something silly, like a funny personalized sweater or a novelty item. You can make a reference to an inside joke, poke fun at him, or get something ironic. After all, you've suffered enough dad jokes, it's about time dad got a taste of his own medicine.

5. Something specific to his hobby to show you know what he's into.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Show your dad that you really do care about his interests by getting him something specific to his hobbies. If he like to stay active, try gifting him things like new workout gear or a bike.  If he's into cooking, make him the coolest home-chef on the block with a trendy new knife set. If photography is more his thing, buy him a snazzy new camera. You'll really be making your dad feel special if you acknowledge the things he is passionate about.

6. Luxury car drive to fulfill his wildest racer dreams.

Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

If you can't afford to buy your dad a brand new Ferrari ('cuz who can?), gift him with a day of driving one at full speed on a luxury autocross course. Many daily deal websites offer packages that include several laps of driving high-end luxury vehicles, photos, and souvenirs. 

7. A year-long subscription to something fun he can indulge in.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If your dad has no idea what Stranger Things is, hook him up with a Netflix account ASAP. Some gifts don't have to come package wrapped — we are living in the digital age, after all. A full-year subscription to a streaming service will keep your dad in the loop for all things TV, movies, and music. Or if your dad is more into tangible products, sign him up for monthly subscription boxes filled with some of his favorite things. The kinds of subscription boxes available are endless — there's comic book boxes, grooming kits, accessories, and more. 

8. A new-fangled accessory for his smart device to help him stay more connected with the times.

Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash

Dad wants the cool headphones, remember? This holiday, help your dad listen to his tunes with style by gifting him a luxury pair of wireless headphones. If he's not into that, you can still upgrade his techware by getting him a new smart device accessories like a charging dock, speakers, cable adapters, or extra storage space. 

Cover image via Diego PH on Unsplash

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