17 Halloween Costumes Only Babies Can Pull Off

You'll want to steal these.

The month of October is almost here, and you know what that means — HALLOWEEN! 

Yup, everyone's favorite holiday is approaching, and it's never too early to start thinking up costume ideas. But perhaps the best dressed on October 31st will be these babies. From Ace Venture to Napoleon Dynamite, these infants are rocking Halloween costumes harder than you ever have. 

Take a look below for some costume ideas you'll want to steal. 


1. Hell's Angel

Hell's Angel

2. Monster baby within

Babies can be used for great Halloween costumes

3. Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura

4. Popcorn

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5. Cotton candy

Cotton Candy

6. Cabbage Patch Kid

Cabbage Patch Kid

7. Crazy cat lady

Crazy Cat Lady

8. Spider baby

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9. Coppertone baby

Coppertone Baby

10. Clark Kent

Clark Kent

11. Monopoly Guy

Monopoly Guy

12. Forest Gump and Lt. Dan

Forest Gump and Lt. Dan

13. Little old lady

Little Old Lady

14. Wilson


15. Easy Mac

Easy Mac

16. Napoleon and Kip

Napoleon and Kip

17. Paper doll

Paper Doll

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