17 Cool Ways To Transform Your Cubicle And Make Your Co-Workers Jealous

Use these for inspiration.

If you're going to spend 40 hours a week stuck inside an office cubicle, you might as well make it interesting. That's what these 17 people did with their cubicles by using awesome décor and smart designs. Their cubicles are so awesome, it makes going to work pretty cool.

Here are 17 incredible cubicle décor ideas that are ingenious:

1. A nice touch here.

2. This is unique.

3. The combination of everything makes sense.

4. A well-decorated section in this cubicle.

5. That's a great wallpaper alternative.

6. Great use of the color pink.

7. So many decorations.

8. This is neatly perfect.

9. Sci-fi toys add a lot to a cubicle.

10. This cubicle is occupied by a sports fan.

11. The posters are very funny.

12. The photos go well with the wallpaper.

13. This one is a fan of "The Office" in the most obvious way.

14. Anymore space for pictures?

15. The before and after tell the whole story.

16. Great quote on the computer screen.

17. For people who love their job.


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