15 Insane REAL LIFE Feats You Didn't Think Were Possible

These are the REAL THING.

Do not ever attempt to pull of these death-defying REAL feats.


That's our first piece of advice when it comes to these 15 ridiculous real life feats pulled off by humans just like you and me.

We couldn't believe these were possible, but luckily the cameras were rolling to capture these jaw dropping feats of human bravery.

Whether it's jumping over the Grand Canyon, skydiving from outer space or breaking the sound barrier in the world's fastest car, these are things you would never have thought possible — until now.

Felix Baumgartner literally jumps from outer space.

Many people have landed kick flips on a skateboard. But in a car... off a gigantic skateboard? No, don't think so.

Flying a plane? Sure, easy. Back flip on a dirt bike? Not so easy, but it's been done. Now, how about combining both of those in one of the craziest jumps you'll ever see.

Breaking the speed of sound is something pilots do all of the time in a plane. But what if that pilot was in a car — that was actually a jet?

Evil Knievel will go down in history as one of the most insane daredevils of our time. Relive one of his earliest death defying tricks, when he jumped over 19 cars on a Harley. No tricks here, just sheer guts.

Not to be outdone by his famous dad, Robbie Knievel hopped on his Harley to pull off an amazing feat. What did he do you ask? Oh nothing, just jump the Grand Canyon with no parachute.

Recently popularized in the movie "The Walk," Philippe Petit's tightrope walk across the World Trade Center will go down in history as one of the most heart-stopping feats ever attempted.

While we use school buses for normal everyday activities, Steve Hudis used his magic school bus to vault 15 motorcycles through an explosive conflagration.

Located in Toronto, the 1800-foot CN Tower is a marvel to gaze upon. However, just looking at this tower made extreme daredevil Dar Robinson decide to jump off it. Without a parachute.

Nobody can "understand the words" coming out of Jackie Chan's mouth, as pointed out by Chris Tucker, and we certainly can't comprehend the lengths he goes to in order to pull off REAL action sequences for the movie. In this one, he literally slides down a Rotterdam building with no safety harness.

Another actor that goes to incredible lengths for our entertainment, Tom Cruise actually scaled and ran across the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa for Mission Impossible.

In real life, King Fu master Bruce Lee was just as tough and dangerous than his famous characters. You really would not have wanted to mess with him after you see these action scenes.

The bullet catch is one of the most dangerous tricks a magician can attempt. Watch David Blaine pull it off below.

Another trick that's just as dangerous and potentially deadly is Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell. How did he do it? We don't even know. All we know if that you definitely shouldn't try this at home.

For this miraculous jump, Gary Connery went down in history as the first person to skydive successfully without a parachute.


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