11 Things You Didn't Know About Your Body

Well this is weird.

Your body is pretty darn neat. There's so much happening all the time that the simple acts of breathing or thinking are almost miraculous when you think about it. When we came across these facts, shared by TheeProfessorTurrtle on Imgur, we couldn't help being a little happier to be alive.

Check out all these crazy things you didn't realize your body did.


1. The average man ejaculates at a speed of 27 mph. This speed is too high for school zones, and on New York City streets.

2. Right before you throw up, your mouth fills with saliva to protect your teeth from the acid in vomit.

3. When a pregnant woman's organ is injured, stem cells from the fetus go to the area of injury to repair it.

4. The inside of the cheek and the inside vagina are made of the same tissue.

5. The average person farts enough in one day to fill a balloon.

6. Stress causes your blood to thicken so it can clot more quickly in the event of a physical attack.

7. An erection takes about two tablespoons of blood, which is equal to the amount of blood in a gerbil.

8. You can always see your nose. You just don't notice since your mind ignores it.

9. The tongue is the only muscle in your body that's only connected on one end.

10. There's a blind spot in your vision that your brain automatically fills in.

11. Your heart rate slows when your face toucher water. This is called mammalian dive reflex and it's mean to help your body preserve oxygen.


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