These Couples Picked Out Surprise Tattoos For Each Other In The Ultimate Test Of Trust

And they won't get to see the tats until they're all done.

Letting someone pick out a tattoo for you, before you've seen it, is a pretty major sign of trust. Once that ink is on there, it's probably not going away for a long time. We've seen what happens when siblings pick out surprise tattoos for each other, and now BuzzFeed's latest video shows what happens when couples pick out tats for each other.

One couple featured in the video, Tan and Rachelle, developed a lot of trust in each other after they packed up their lives and moved from their hometown of Sydney together. That being said, Tan admits she is nervous about the idea of choosing a tattoo for her S.O. 

"It's her body and now I have this weird authority over it, which is uncomfortable to be honest," she said.

Charlie and Amber are the other couple getting inked. They're engaged and realize they will be walking down the aisle with these tattoos. Amber says, "I feel like this is the ultimate trust test before the wedding."


After each partner discusses their ideas with the tattoo artist, it's time to get inked. They won't be able to see the design until after it's all done.

After the big reveal, Tan and Rachelle realize they almost picked the same design for each other. When Tan sees the special leaf tattoo she describes how important the actual leaf was and how her new tattoo reflects that.

"It's a leaf that I will keep with me forever now," she explained, "I said to her at the time that this leaf was going to stay with me forever, and now it really is."

When Charlie and Amber see their tattoos for the first time, they're both pleased with the significant quotes they chose for each other. Charlie says, "I love it. It's my favorite bible verse. This verse has [gotten] me through everything that I've been through. I've kept this truth, especially when it came to who my future wife would be, and I just had this incredible amount of faith, and it led me to you, which is the greatest blessing."

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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