These Strangers Went On Their First Date In 'Space' Using Virtual Reality

"I don't like you as a weird alien, I'm sorry."

While most people meet up at restaurants, coffee shops, and bars for a first date, John Pope and Shelby Grady are here to show us how dating is done in 2017. The pair were total strangers before heading on a date that proves the future is now. They put on virtual reality ( VR) gear and embarked on quite a memorable first date. 

In a new video series from The Scene called Virtually Dating, two people are set up on a blind date in the VR world and filmed to see their reaction to the experience. The participants are first scanned in 3D and fitted with their VR headsets before meeting in the virtual world. Pope and Grady are featured in the series' first installment. 


The pair are actually in the same room when they start the date, but don't physically see each other until taking their headsets off at the end of the date. They're both great sports throughout the entire experience, laughing at how increasingly ridiculous the whole scenario becomes. They start out normal enough, in an empty virtual bar that also looks a lot like a virtual apartment. They exchange pleasantries while laughing about how their limbs are able to move through their bodies. 

Then, they're unexpectedly transported to a spacecraft before making their way over to the surface of the moon. On the moon, they marvel at the view before engaging in some super average dating conversation with questions like, "When did you move to New York?" and "Do you dance well because you're Southern?" But don't worry, things get much more interesting a few moments later when Pope transforms into an alien and Grady dons a spacesuit. 

By the end, they both had great things to say about the experience. "The VR was so much fun! I feel like it was bonding more than on a normal first date would've been," Grady said. 

"What it does is it removes the nerves actually," Pope said."You can just have fun and not be afraid." 

Should we all start going on VR dates? Probably. 

Check out the video below to find out if the experience led to the desire to go a second, real-life date.

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