Couples Recount The First Time They Said 'I Love You,' Bringing Up A Whole Mess Of Emotions

"And then you said, 'Can I drive you home?'"

When was the first time you told your partner you loved them?

In a video for Cut, numerous couples are asked to describe the first time they said "I love you" to one another. Of course, this brings up a whole slew of emotions and feelings — and even some laughs.

One woman recalls saying she loved her boyfriend first. "And then you said, 'Can I drive you home?'" she says with a smile. 

Another couple remembers exchanging the words after being intimate.

"And then we high-fived each other," one partner says. "We have this thing that we do where, when we do something cute, we high five each other."

The video proves that no matter how you say "I love you," if you're ready, and truly mean it, the words will come out — and it will be a beautiful thing. 


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