Boyfriends Cut Their Girlfriends' Hair And Now They Might Be Sleeping On The Couch

Never would we ever.

It's stressful getting a new haircut with a professional, let alone letting someone totally inexperienced chop off your hair.

So when couples are asked to test the strength of their relationship and — yes — dare to cut each other's hair, they're taking a pretty big risk.


But in two recent Buzzfeed videos, couples test their patience, love, sense of humor, trust, and just about everything else and let one another cut and style their hair, using a celebrity photo for inspiration.

"True love is all about trust. When you love someone, you trust them with the most intimate details of your life. You trust them with your very life. But your hair?  That's asking a lot," writer Rebecca Rose reiterates.

First, the women try their hand at a guy's haircut. "Okay, new strategy, don't ruin it too much," Safiya Nygaard says as she cuts her boyfriend's hair.

Later, the guys give it a try. "Should I do it all in all in one swoop?" Steven Kanter says as he gives his girlfriend blunt bangs.

But how does it all turn out?

Watch the full videos below:

They're pretty incredible.


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