Daughter Helps Parents Celebrate 47 Years Of Marriage With A Special Photo Shoot

"Our family believes wholeheartedly that the best day of your marriage shouldn’t be your wedding day."

Wedding photographer Amber Robinson's parents, especially her mother Wanda, always told her they never dreamed of their wedding day, only their 50th anniversary. 

"They had a simple wedding back in 1970, and my mom said that she never dreamed as a child of a big fancy wedding, she only dreamed of a wonderful life with the man of her dreams. And she got that," Robinson told A Plus. "She told us that our whole lives, and it became something my sister and I believed in as well."

Taking her parents' wise words to heart, Robinson decided to honor them by capturing just one of all those happy days of marriage in a special holiday couples photoshoot of her parents, Wanda and Marvin Brewington, who have been married more than 47 years. 

On November 30, she posted the pictures to her photography business's public Facebook page, accompanied by a sweet post that fittingly began with the famous family quote. 

"In this wonderful creative industry that I worked in, I focus so much on providing couple hours with a day of beautiful photography," Robinson continued. "To be honest, rarely do I stop to think about the day, weeks, months or years that follow a wedding day." 

That's why this photography session was so important to her — not just because it showed her parents, but everything they went through together. "So today I share with you what those years after can look like when true love exists. These are my parents: married for 47 years, they have triumphed over cancer ... twice. Have raised two successful daughters," she wrote. "They have been poor together and rich together. They have fed, sheltered, and advised countless lost souls. They love with out [sic] expectation and give freely, whatever it is they have to offer." 

Robinson's parents taught her the important, everyday lessons on how to form and maintain a loving, supportive partnership, which has helped her in her own five-year marriage to "the most amazing man I've ever met," she explained to A Plus. Her wedding ceremony was "a small, intimate gathering," just like her parents'. "They are the epitome of where I strive to be in my own marriage and a constant reminder that a wedding is only a day, but a marriage is forever," she wrote. 

Robinson concluded the post with a simple request to spread the love of her parents, in the hope that it might inspire love in others' lives. "If you are one of the millions in love, or maybe one of the millions of broken-hearted that need a visual reminder that love always endures, I would love for you to share this as a way of letting my mom and dad know, they are an inspiration to anyone who wants, believes, or is in love," she wrote. 

Oh, did the good, love-minded people of Facebook deliver — liking and sharing the pictures more than 15,000 times, respectively. 

"Our family believes wholeheartedly that the best day of your marriage shouldn't be your wedding day," Robinson said. Now, many others can celebrate and live by that inspiring belief as well.

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